Choosing a new direction

Your Question: I have been dealing with and some blocks to financial success in my music career and have been trying to break this pattern of bringing in the amount of money I desire through my passion, as well as overcoming procrastination and fears. I am wondering what is the best way to get my music to my fanbase so that I can become well known on a huge scale. I see this in my chart and in my future.


Hi Dani,

I hear your natal Saturn speaking loud and clear but I’m initially curious about what you’ve been doing to grow your career.   Saturn makes a very nice aspect to your most elevated career indicator which includes Venus, your chart ruler.  Plus you have three 10th house planets with Venus being the most elevated.  That combined with your Leo energy, suggests a very strong desire to be working closely with the public.  Fears and worries arise from Saturn in Scorpio in your money house, which suggest you could put a lot of pressure on your Scorpio Moon in the 2nd house (emotions and financial security), Leo Sun (creative energy) and Leo Mars (fiercely competitive), to perform more and better.  Saturn likes to point out all the areas that aren’t up to snuff which generally leaves us unsatisfied until we’ve perfected and mastered the perceived weaknesses.

How we feel about Saturn calling us out is up to us but if you’re like so many people, you may sabotage your own progress.  If you were my client, I imagine the coaching would lead us to your Saturn to make sure your self-talk, thoughts and emotions are all in alignment with your ambitions.  Money of course is a big part of the overall equation with Saturn in your 2nd house.   You want money and you want to express yourself creatively, but Saturn forces us to look at every little detail and many times the payoff is delayed.  The Leo energy in your chart is very strong and wants to be noticed. It’s the actor that shows talent, charisma, charm and warmth.   

Anyway, 2017 looks like a significant year for you and it could turn out to be a memorable one.  It’s an important year when you want to make sure you think, imagine and dream big.  The potential is to be in the public eye more so than in the past.  When you put your energy out there in 2017, people will respond and you’ll be noticed.  If you’re not doing things in a big way this year or have a plans for growth in place, you may start feeling trapped by your work, so it’s important to keep your attention focused on your important goals so you can move towards them.

This year also looks like it could be a new beginning of sorts professionally.  Have you been working towards transforming your career, starting something different or simply doing things in a brand new way? This looks like the year when the seeds that you planted start to take root.  If you’ve been exploring various options for growing your career, this is probably a good time for you to get serious and nurture what it is you wish to cultivate.  If you’ve been thinking about moving, your chart shows this could be the year, more than likely for professional reasons.

There’s a solar eclipse next August which happens to land directly on your Leo Sun, the performer in your chart.  Solar eclipses tend to super charge the planet they touch.  So for your career in music, this should be a very important time.  Eclipses can indicate confusion but if that’s the case, it’s only because you’re gaining more insight and wisdom around this time and feel overwhelmed by so much new data.  Clarity will follow and the energy you’ve been putting out there can start to manifest in unexpected ways.   

Another thing that can help with 2017 is to restructure, reorganize, get your finances under control and develop or modify your plan for the future.  Typically, this is the year when you feel the need to buckle down and get serious.  Keeping yourself well organized, structured and freeing yourself of any unnecessary clutter helps.  

Thanks very much for your question.  I hope this helps.  Best of luck with your year. 

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Stuck in Job Search

Question: I am having a hard time trying to find a job. I have an Associates degree in ART, stuckand SCIENCE and Applied science in Computer Information Systems. Also have my bachelors in University Studies. While I got these because it seems that’s what you need now a days I don’t feel like I am fulfilling my purpose in life. I’m a Navy veteran and I cant get a break with all that college and experience under my belt. – Ty

Answer: Hi Ty.  Many thanks for reaching out.  It is really hard in job search (and in life!) when you feel like you’re doing all the right things, but nothing is materializing.  To compound that, being off purpose is disorienting – which way does one go instead?

It might be worth a doing a reset in your search, taking a step back about what you really want and what will work for you.  In looking at your chart, I see a few strong energies that I hope will help – not only in evaluating if a job is in line with your purpose, but also if a role and an environment are a good fit.

  • Caring and Compassion.  There is a very strong signature in your chart for being of support to others.  To have an outlet in your work life where you are allowed to be of help and nurture others would be transformative for you.
  • Independence and Action.  You’ve got a natural fire in your chart and I imagine that it might feel restricted right now due to current circumstances. Put some energy behind this – what lights you up?  What makes you happy?  You’ve got something to say and the desire to put actions behind your words.  Is there something you’d like to advocate for?
  • Stability and Groundedness. It would do a world of good for you to have a sense of calm and security.  Take good care of your resources and choose options that will provide.  Cultivate self reliance. Stay clear of drama filled workplaces – keep good boundaries. Look for ways to practically contribute with tangible outcomes.

In addition, I wonder if you may have difficulty believing in your ideas.  I would encourage you to take some time to think about who you are as a unique individual and how you would like to help others.  Start from the inside, rather than looking to what the latest job trends say.

Best to you in your search,

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Hidden Talents

Question: Hello, can you help me think of a “plan b” for my career? Currently I’m in the performing arts as a teacher, choreographer, and performer. I love my job, but the opportunities aren’t coming in as much since the recession. I  am interested in transitioning out and up money wise. Are there any hidden, untapped talents that I am not utilizing that can help me support myself and family? Thank you for your consideration! – Laurel

Answer: Hi Laurel!  It is so interesting that you asked about hidden and untapped talents – there are a few that stand out in your chart:

  • Communication – while you may feel some hesitation in this area of your life, you absolutely have gifts here.  You have an ability to see the big picture that is inspired.  You are a keen observer and neutral party.  You get hunches that are spot on.  You have the power to be a change agent (systems or processes) or humanitarian advocate (focus on fairness, equity or social reform).  Have you considered partnering with someone (or some organization) that could help you trust yourself in the expression of your original thinking?
  • Empathy – your chart shows a capacity for nurturing and caring.  A role where you are comforting others and supporting their needs, while challenging, is one where you can shine.  Consider a type of position where you can help people identify what they want and encourage them to take steps to achieve it.  There’s lots of ways to nurture people – hospitality, counseling – think big using your skills from above! 🙂
  • Resourcefulness – Know anyone who needs an idea brought to life?  You have a knack for helping people overcome challenges and bring their creative endeavors into physical form (editors and midwives do this).  Instinctively you teach others how to manage their resources and build foundations they can build upon. There is wisdom in the body, and you can show others where it lies in them.

I hope these are helpful to you!  Here are a couple of resources for further reading:

Chiron and the Healing Journey (Chiron in Taurus) by Melanie Reinhart

Astrology for the Soul (North Node Cancer) by Jan Spiller


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