Time Out – Election Response

watchfloatingAstrologers around the world are backpedaling, apologizing and defending.  The great majority predicted Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidential Election.  And as we all know by now, that didn’t happen.

This is my concern with astrological prediction.  In my opinion, it just can’t be done.  Astrology can’t predict the future.  It is a dangerous tool when used for prediction – it plays upon people’s desire for certainty in a vitally uncertain world, rather than helping them weather and engage with what life has brought.  It also undermines the positive use of astrology, which in my opinion is to connect people with their inner knowing.

So this brings me to my request to astrologers and all those who study the discipline at any level:

Please use the power of astrology to help people identify how they can use their gifts and talents to bring our country together in a way that brings love and equity. 

We need engaged people.  We had all kinds of talk in the astrological community about the call of Uranus in Aries for us to bring our unique contributions to the work of the Pluto in Capricorn deconstruction and transformation of our systems (for more on this, see Dena DeCastro’s amazing post Grief, the Election, and the Pluto-Uranus Square).  This is it people.  There are countless ways we can uniquely join forces, lead efforts, change energy, bridge gaps and extend caring. Use your astrological gift to help people find theirs – for all us.  It’s time.

aubrie de clerck
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